rice cooker reviewsThe problem with finding “the best” is that this phrase can be quite slippery. Seriously. Different people think differently. What might be a good idea to you might be a horrible idea to another person. In other words, what might be “the best” for you might not be such an optimal option for another person. Different people look at the world differently. Different people have different preferences. We all have our own different definition of what constitutes “the best.” Unfortunately, this phrase is used most often by people that are trying to sell stuff. They always say they have the best goods and services. They always say they have the best resorts. They have the best airplanes, you name it. They keep hammering this phrase “the best” until it’s basically drained of all meaning. Americans tend to abuse the phrase “the best” as much as they abuse the word love. It has pretty much lost all its meaning. You have to keep this in mind when you’reĀ  looking for the best rice cookers. You have to remember that the best really is a subjective term. If you want to add some meat into what would otherwise be a squishy term as “the best,” you have to apply a different framework. Instead of focusing on how somebody else defines what is best for you, you should define this phrase in terms of what works for you. In other words, base it on your particular needs and circumstances. The good news is that you can easily arrive at the best rice cookers for your particular cooking needs and situation by answering the following questions. These questions are situational. These questions don’t apply a cookie-cutter approach. These questions don’t dictate a particular outcome. Instead, these questions go to the heart of your particular needs and your usage patterns. In short, they help you make an informed decision that makes sense in your particular context and circumstance.

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What will you be cooking most of the time?

Obviously, most people are in the market for rice cookers because they want to cook rice. No big mystery there. However, most people are also looking to cook other things than just rice with their rice cooker. A lot of people use rice cookers for steaming. Other people use rice cookers for preparing certain types of eggs. There are many ways you can use a rice cooker. You have to be very clear as to what kind of food you will be preparing with your rice cooker most of the time. This can help steer you towards certain models of rice cookers and away from other types of models.

Which brands/models have the right feature?

Once you’ve figured out what your particular needs are, you can then start filtering out different brands and models of rice cookers based on your needs. This is fairly easy to do. You look at your list of requirements, and you look at the particular features of different brands and models. A pattern will quickly emerge. You will see which features directly address your needs and which features are indirectly related. Of course, you need to focus on the brands and models that directly address most, if not all, of your particular needs. However, there are certain needs that are nonnegotiable. It is nonnegotiable that a rice cooker must be able to steam rice properly. If a particular model does a lousy job of doing that, then you need to take it of your list.

What other users say about your brand/model’s features?41c1g6oiG+L

After you have used online price comparison engines to come up with brands and models that come with certain features and cross reference them their prices, your next step is to look at review sites. Review sites can come in many different forms. They can be mini-sites. These are small websites that have a small collection of reviews. They can be huge review sites focused on certain appliances and cookware. Alternatively, they can take the form of blogs. Regardless, you need to keep the particular features in mind when doing research on these smaller types of sites. You have to be clear as to the particular interaction of brand and model and feature that you are researching. Many users might have a lot of things to say regarding a particular brand and model, but the feature description might be off. Be always on the look out for fake reviews. Be on the look out for conflicts of interests as well as deceptive reviews posted by competitors. Despite all the particular pitfalls of these types of smaller sites, they do provide enough information that will help you identify the right rice cookers.

By defining “the best” based on your particular needs and situation, you increase your chances of making the right decision. This methodology applies to anything you buy online not just rice cookers. By being strategic and methodical regarding your product research, you increase the chances of walking away with a decision that you could live with not just now but long into the future.