There are an endless amount of kitchen gadgets on the market. There are ones that aren’t very useful for most people and there are the others that are pretty much genius. Most of the gadgets out there are very unique and not what you would normally consider using in the kitchen. I have comprised a list of useful kitchen gadgets you didn’t know you needed.

Spill Stopper51a3NHc578L._SL1000_

If you are like me, you enjoy cooking and eating pasta more than any other food in your kitchen. If you happen to walk away for a minute, or even simply look away from the pasta, it starts to boil over. There is nothing more I hate than hearing the water boil over and hit the hot stove top. I have found the solution to this problem! The spill stopper lays on top of the boiling pot to prevent any hot water from boiling over. You can now cook your pasta without having to stand over the stove watching the water boil. This is a product that everyone should own if they plan on cooking pasta at any point in time.

61Zf6qtTQbL._SL1500_One Click Butter Cutter

Slicing butter with a knife can be very strenuous on your joints if the butter is not softened yet. Instead of letting your butter sit out to soften or melting it in the microwave, use the one click butter cutter. This makes it much easier to get perfectly portioned slices of butter every time. The other issue that comes with cutting butter with a knife is the fact that you can never get the same amount of butter with each slice.  Now everyone at the dinner table can get the same amount of butter by simply squeezing the butter cutter. I don’t know what I would do without mine in my kitchen.


Vegetable Slicer

How often do you find yourself chopping your vegetables in very thin slices? Do you ever wish you could just stick them in a machine and voila they are sliced? Well now you can slice your vegetables with ease. Using a vegetable slicer makes cooking fun and simple again. You can stick many different types of vegetables and fruits on the skewers and they will be turned into long, thin, spiral slices. There are different blades you can attach to have some sort of variety with your veggies. This is definitely a must have kitchen gadget, especially if you have children who love to help out in the kitchen

Cake Layer Slicer818wAti5OhL._SL1500_

There are many people who bake cakes on a regular basis. Baking cakes can be fun and easy if you have the right tools. No one can cut a straight, thin layer to create a multiple layer cake. Using a cake layer slicer will take the trouble out of slicing the cake. Making a layered cake is much more enjoyable and tasty than just one cake with frosting on it. This lets you use your creativity when it comes to making different flavored fillings to put inside each layer. My kitchen is finally complete now that I have this layering kit.

If you find yourself needing other kitchen gadgets you cannot live without, let the world know so we can all keep our kitchens fully stocked with the essentials.