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Three Non-coffee Uses for Coffee Grinders

Usually when people hear the phrase coffee grinders, they think of grinding coffee. No brainer, right? After all, that's the primary reason why t...

rice cooker reviews

How to Find the Best Rice cookers

The problem with finding "the best" is that this phrase can be quite slippery. Seriously. Different people think differently. What might be a goo...


How to Buy Food Dehydrators Online

Regardless of whether you're buying food dehydrators or any other type of kitchen appliance online, you have to remember to be very strategic. It...


The K-Cups and Single Serve Coffee Craze

The K-Cup is a single serving container of coffee beans to be placed in a single brewing coffee maker. There are a few different brands of these ...

kitchen gadget

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets

There are an endless amount of kitchen gadgets on the market. There are ones that aren't very useful for most people and there are the others tha...


Herb and Spice Organization Ideas

Most kitchens have a spice rack or spice organization area somewhere. Whether you have a premade spice rack you purchased or a unique storage sol...


Storing your Pots and Pans in Style

If you are like any other human in America who enjoys frequently cooking, you probably have a few draws or cabinets filled with pots and pans. Yo...


Kitchen Appliance Storage Tricks

If you have multiple smaller kitchen appliances you probably have a hard time finding space for all of them. One of the most commonly used small ...

Halloween drinks - Vampire's Kiss Cocktail

Halloween Treats and Drinks

As you know Halloween is just around the corner. There are many different creative things to do when it comes to preparing snacks and drinks for ...

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