Professional Meat Slicer
Blade Size
Chef's Choice 6327 inch4.5$300.00
Chef's Choice 6307 inch4.5$280.00
Chicago Food12 inch4.5$500.00
Chef's Choice 6628.6 inch4$430.00
Chef's Choice 6457 inch3$400.00


Chef’s Choice 632 Electric Food Slicer


professional meat slicer reviews

There are tons of different food slicers on the market these days. The small cheaper ones are great for using every once in a while. If you plan on using your meat slicer on a regular basis, it is worth it to invest in a professional grade slicer. This best meat slicer review shows the Chef’s Choice 632 is at the top of that list. This slicer works upright to accommodate you while slicing your meats and cheeses. If you need to slice some vegetables or bread, there is a “gravity-feed” tilt feature that takes any difficulty away. You will not have to worry about your young ones cutting themselves with the handy child-proof safety switch. The blade is coated in titanium-gold which ensures the blade is extremely durable. You can slice all of your meats, cheeses, breads and vegetables with extreme ease using this best meat slicer.


PROS                                                                                  CONS

-          Smooth operation                                                 – Parts are not machine washable

-          Caliper dial for repeatability                               – On/off switch in random location

-          Stable while using

-          Durable

-          Tilt table

-          Titanium-Gold coated blade



Chef’s Choice 630 Gourmet Electric Food Slicer



If you are looking for a gourmet food slicer but not something over the top, this best meat slicer is ideal for you. With the Chef’s Choice 630 food slicer, you will get the luxury of using a gourmet meat slicer in the comfort of your own home. You can adjust the blade to get the thickness of slices you desire. The thickness can vary from thick slices of meat for a dinner to thin slices of fruit for a cocktail. The blade measures 7 inches and is a durable surgical-stainless-steel. Luckily, there is a childproof safety switch to prevent any unwanted accidents in your kitchen. This slicer easily cuts through bread, cheeses, fruits, vegetables and meats so you no longer have to use a cutting board and a knife.


PROS                                                                                        CONS

-          Great combination of power/practicality             – On/off switch in awkward location

-          Easy to clean

-          Easy to disassemble

-          Great for cutting breads

-          Slices through tough meats and cheeses



Chicago Food Machinery Meat Slicer



Have you ever watched delis slice your meat? If you have, you have noticed how simple and precise the slicers are they use. If you want to get the same results in your own kitchen, this Chicago Food Machinery meat slicer is ideal for you. You have probably searched the internet to find the best meat slicer reviews. You can stop looking now. The dial control on this slicer is precise to the tenth of an inch and is easily adjustable. You might have to spend a little more money to get perfection but it is well worth your money. The blade and the food contact areas are all stainless steel and easy to clean. The best part about this slicer is the size of the blade. This stainless steel blade measures in at 12 inches. That is almost double in size compared to other meat slicers for sale. You will definitely get your bang for your buck with this masterpiece.


PROS                                                                                        CONS

-          Larger blade than normal                                         – Cleaning is not too easy

-          Numeric dial thickness control                                – Not meant for busy business

-          Perfect size for any kitchen

-          Easy to disassemble

-          1 year warranty



Chef’s Choice 662 Professional Electric Food Slicer



Chef’s Choice has some of the best meat slicers and most durable meat slicers available. The smaller slicers are meant for a small kitchen and rare usage. The larger, more professional slicers are meant for the cook at heart who uses their slicer on a regular basis. This Chef’s Choice 662 has a bigger blade than some of the other of its kind. This stainless steel blade measures 8.6 inches in diameter and comes with a sharpener that is detachable. The size is meant for a medium sized kitchen but functions like a commercial quality food slicer. The food carriage is extremely large and rides along ball bearings to make the slicing process very smooth and simple. You no longer have to worry about getting sore arm muscles by struggling to slice your meat. You can now easily slice your bulk meats, cheeses and even vegetables.


PROS                                                                                          CONS

-          Larger 8.6 inch blade                                                   – Not dishwasher safe

-          Tilt feature for fast slicing                                           – Light food sometimes slides around

-          Tool to safely remove blade

-          Blade is covered; only exposing cutting edge to meat

-          Extremely thin slicing

-          Fits easily in storage cabinet



Chef’s Choice 645 International Professional Electric Food Slicer



This larger of the best meat slicers is ideal for someone who plans on using their slicer on a daily basis. It is more durable and rugged than most of the other slicers in this best meat slicer review. The entire slicer is made of cast aluminum and stainless steel. Unlike the majority of slicers on the market, this one is not tilted at an angle initially. This Chef’s Choice slicer is upright and perfect for your meats and cheeses. There is a tilt feature meant for your bread and vegetables. Instead of using a small plastic dish to catch all of the meat, you can easily fit your own platter or tray under the slicer. This makes it much easier to display or store your meat once it has been sliced. This slicer has a great reputation for durability and longevity. The motor included is warrantied for 10 years and the slicer as a whole has a 5 year warranty against defects.


PROS                                                                           CONS

-          Upright position for meat/cheese             – Cleaning is time consuming

-          Tilt feature for bread/vegetables               – Large size makes it more difficult to store

-          Open design

-          Child-proof safety feature

-          Multiple warranties