Summertime is upon us and you know what means, it is time to break out the grilling utensils. You can only use your grilling utensils if you have a decent grill. These gas grill reviews will showcase the best of the best when it comes to the ultimate grilling machine. You don’t want to wait until the summer is almost over to start grilling and having parties.

Weber Genesis 637 Square Inch Grillgas grill reviews

There are a few different brand names that are of high quality when it comes to gas grills. Weber is one of the more widely known and higher quality for gas grills. The gas grill reviews for weber highlight the many different features these machines have. This Weber Genesis grill in particular is known for the massive size. There is nothing worse than going to grill a meal for friends and family and running out of room for your food. You will never have that problem if you are using this Weber Genesis 637 square inch grill. Whether you want to use liquid propane gas or natural gas, this grill can accommodate both. There is an extra piece needed for the natural gas version but the grill comes with it. Another one of the best features this grill has to offer is the fact that it is available in multiple colors. This grill comes in a black, copper and even a green color. This means you can pick a color to compliment your back porch or backyard perfectly. The cooking grates are not going to chip or fall apart like some of the other grills out there. These gas grill reviews show why spending a little extra money will be worth it in the long run. Other grills will show the wear and tear within a month or so of using them. This one will last a very long time without having to replace anything.

The cooking grates are made from a porcelain-enameled cast-iron material to ensure durability. The majority grills have only 2 burners. This one has 3 stainless-steel burners so everything is cooked evenly and efficiently. There are 637 square inches of warming and cooking space for you to utilize. There are even extra spaces on the sides of the grill to be used as a side burner and sear station burner.

71k3EnYhlLL._SL1500_The cooking features that are included with this grill are impressive even to the master chef. The control panel is located on the front of the grill to make it easy to use while grilling your food. You will be able to individual ignite each burner using the individual electronic ignition system. If you want to add some extra zest to your meat or vegetables, you can utilize the flavorizer bar. The look of this grill is very rugged but sophisticated at the same time. The grill is ontop of an enclosed cart. Inside the cart you will find a built in thermometer so everything is at the right temperature at all times. The only thing that is not included is the propane tank itself. One thing you will notice is the 6 hooks on both sides of the grill. This is for you to store you grilling utensils. You no longer have to carry around your grilling tools or keep them stored in your kitchen.


There are a few different extras that would fit perfectly with this grill. Every grill master needs a cover to keep the grill clean and safe from any harmful weather. Weber has designed the perfect cover to fit just about any grill they produce. You will also want to get some grilling gear if you do not already own some. Purchasing grilling utensils that are also made by Weber will ensure everything fits well and works together. There is nothing worse than spending money on nice cooking tools and them not working well with the nice grill you have.